Alan Blueford police reports

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Crime report:

Crime scene report:

Incident call log:

Lab report:

Coroner’s report:

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Federal Monitor report on OPD shootings

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OPD Crime Reduction report to City Council, August 2012

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Where do Oakland Police live?

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Source: East Bay Express (Ali Winston and Darwin Bond-Graham)

Just 9 percent of Oakland’s current 644 police officers actually live in Oakland, according to data provided by OPD. Adding civilian OPD staff who also live outside of Oakland, the total number of police department employees who do not reside in the city is about 785, more than 70 percent of the department’s total workforce.

The city paid these non-Oakland employees roughly $126 million in salary, overtime, and benefits in the 2010-2011 fiscal year. In other words, Oakland taxpayers are exporting up to 86 percent of OPD’s payroll, a huge sum of money, to surrounding suburbs.

Map of OPD residency

Source: Pueblo Lands (Darwin Bond-Graham and Ali Winston)

OPD’s highest paid staff, nearly all sworn officers, live outside the city, while the department’s lowest paid staff, including administrative workers, are far more likely to live in Oakland. None of OPD’s command staff live in Oakland. In a sense this means that the local jobs sustained by OPD, which recycle Oakland tax dollars into the city’s economy, are the lowest paid positions, giving the city very little bang for its police bucks.

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Misconduct and Policy Violations

Who are the Oakland Police?


OPD Financials, Salaries and Settlements

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OPD payouts and cases since 2000

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Results of a records request from OPD, info provided by Michael Siegel

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The court documents the City of Oakland doesn’t want you to see

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These documents were posted on Friday, August 17 2012 then placed “under seal” on Monday. The City of Oakland claims there is confidential information in these documents, but what is in them? Absolutely nothing, certainly less than what has been published by the media. So why the rush to hide them?

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