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NSA 10th Quarterly Report and Details

July 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Highlights from the 10th quarterly report of the Independent Monitor for the Oakland Police Department, followed by the full document below

Page 39: “The total racial breakdown for the 42 use of force events reviewed is as follows: Black, 64%;Hispanic, 27%; White, 2%; Asian, 7%; and Other, 0%. We also tabulated the racial breakdownof the subjects involved in the events where, in our opinion, the pointing of a firearm was not necessary or appropriate and found the following: Black, 91%; and Hispanic, 9%

Page 50: “[D]uring an Occupy Oakland protest, a subject kicked an officer who used a bullhorn to deflect him. A second assisting officer struck the subject in the face twotimes with a closed fist. A third OPD officer fired a less-lethal drag stabilized round or  bean bag round to the right thigh of the subject, knocking him backward. The subject became unconscious and was taken to the hospital.”

Page 50: “The EFRB determined that the officer’s use of lethal force, resulting in one fatality, was in compliance with OPD policy. Yet this determinationwas troubling, for several reasons: the finding was not based on the preponderance of theevidence standard; the board presenter did not address the officer’s statement that the deceased pointed a gun at him – an assertion that conflicted with PDRD still-frame analysis; theinvestigator inappropriately offered an explanation for the officer’s conduct, but the EFRB didnot address this; and the investigator did not discuss the officer’s failure to provide first aid onthe scene. The EFRB hearing ultimately focused on lesser procedural issues instead of the justification for the use of lethal force.”

Page 52:An employee observed that photographs of a Federal Judgeand elected City official placed on a bulletin board outside the patrol line-up room in the Police Administration Building (PAB) had been defaced in a manner that IAD found to be racist,insulting, and inappropriate. The employee said that he reported the matter to a lieutenant, and that the pictures were taken down within two days. The lieutenant advised that the employeealleged that his building access card had been cancelled as retaliation because he was a unionsteward, but the lieutenant denied that the employee made a complaint about the offensive photographs. The lieutenant was sustained for failing to take a complaint about the allegedretaliation, but not sustained for failing to report the offensive photos.” According to the Oakland Tribune: “Sources told this paper that the doctored photos were of Mayor Jean Quan and Thelton Henderson, the U.S. District Court judge, who later this year could determine whether to place the department under federal control.”

Page 56: “For example, we noted that the number of searches of persons within one sub-group is significantly higher than others; and, interestingly enough, that these searches appearedto form the basis for arrests less often than searches conducted in other sub-groups. “

Police assault and arrest protester at Oscar Grant rally

June 11, 2012 Leave a comment

This arbitrary police arrest occurred on July 8, 2010 after the verdict of Johannes Mehserle, the BART cop who killed Oscar Grant, was announced