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OPD IT audit shows millions wasted

August 1, 2012 Leave a comment

From the report by Oakland City Auditor Courtney Ruby

The findings from the audit include:

Finding 1.1: OPD spent at least $1.87 million on technology systems that were never used or underused
Finding 2.1: OPD lacks a formal technology purchasing plan
Finding 2.2: OPD does not appropriately budget for purchasing and maintenance of its technology systems
Finding 2.3: OPD does not have a formal strategic technology plan. However, OPD does have an informal plan on which they have made progress
Finding 3.1: OPD and DIT do not have clearly defined roles and responsibilities
Finding 3.2: Communication between OPD and DIT is poor
Finding 3.3: Neither OPD nor DIT has a complete inventory of all OPD technology systems
Finding 3.4: OPD does not comprehensively track technology spending
Finding 3.5: Neither OPD or DIT maintain all technology contracts and documentation(as required)
Finding 3.6: OPD staff does not have formal background or adequate training in technology and project management
NOTE: StopOPD does NOT endorse OPD using their technology to repress Black and Brown people–or anybody else–in Oakland. This information is posted merely to show the crisis of mismanagement inside the department.
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